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Doughnuts, the croissant of American pastry, have accompanied our morning coffee for Centuries. The pastry, rumored to have been invented in New England when a boy from Clam Cove, Maine, poked a fork though his mother’s fried dough cakes in 1847, has taken New England by storm, ranking second only to California in the number of doughnut vendors sprinkling our coastlines. Following the formal recognition of the Boston Creme as the Commonwealth’s official doughnut in January 2003, some might argue that the New Englander’s love affair with the bagel’s sidekick has reached an all-time high – Cape Cod being no exception. Today, the Hole In One Donut shop serves up nearly 44 dozen doughnuts every morning in the off-season and more than 250 dozen of the holy pastries daily in summer. “We use the best ingredients and the more expensive mixes to make our doughnuts,” says Cindy Bazzano, 64, mother of the four girls who maintains there is nothing like a hot doughnut made by hand. “Our chocolate, frostings and glazes are the best and our doughnuts are made fresh every day. There is nothing like them.”

98 Cranberry Hwy, Orleans, MA
phone: 508-255-3740
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U.S. Park Rangers investigating vehicle break-ins at Marconi Beach, Doane Rock
Wednesday December 06, 2023
WELLFLEET/EASTHAM ? U. S. Park Rangers are actively investigating two vehicle breaking and entering events at Cape Cod National Seashore. These events took place in the Marconi area in Wellfleet and the Doane Rock area in Eastham. This is an ongoing and active investigation with the support of town and county public safety partners at [?] The post U.S. Park Rangers investigating vehicle break-ins at Marconi Beach, Doane Rock appeared first on CapeCod.com.
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