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Karoo Restaurant is inspired by the diversity of British, Dutch, African, Malaysian, Portuguese and Indian flavors that make up the delicious dishes of Chef Sanette Groenewald’s South African homeland. Chef Sanette was born and raised in a small town called Wolseley located in the Little Karoo where life is simple, down to earth, unpretentious, and full of friendly people. That is the principle on which both Karoo Restaurant and Karoo Kafe was built.Karoo Kafe is where it all started 12 years ago when Chef Sanette opened her first restaurant in the United States, a small South African Kafe located in Provincetown. Karoo Kafe opened in 2002 with the idea of introducing her home food to the people of Cape Cod. Her recipes go as far back as 8 generations and she has hand picked the ones that are dearest to her heart. Find out more about Karoo Kafe by visiting karookafe.com

3 Main St #32B, Eastham, MA
phone: (508) 255-8288
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Beloved Seashore trail getting Friends? attention
Sunday October 23, 2016
EASTHAM?On a hot Indian Summer day, Jim McDowell, communications person for the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore, and John DeFoe, Roads, Trails and Grounds supervisor for the Seashore, walked through the reconstruction of the mile-plus long Red Maple Swamp trail off Fort Hill. With most of it closed for the past five years, in the past five months DeFoe said, a plan came together to fix the popular trail?much of which rotted out over the years. Funding comes from [...]
Superintendent Provides National Seashore Update
Sunday October 23, 2016
EASTHAM ? A presentation by Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) Superintendent George Price updated attendees as to the state of the over 43,000-acre parklands. The talk highlighted the CCNS-National Park Service joint centennial celebration events which were held in August, facility improvements to the Penniman house, the? .
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